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Do it simple!
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Building Blocks
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

3D Rendering for the new RS-485 boards

RS485, led, board, 12 channel, mos, open drain, souliss, android
The 12 channels open-drain board for LEDs and other devices
As you have probably read few weeks ago the work with Marco Signorini (Ethermania) is going further and the design stage is basically completed, so lets start to have a look in.

The first rendering on the top shows the multichannel LED board, compared to the first release unveiled in the forum, now there are two separate ground plane that are joined at the two faston connector type in the center of the board. This avoid that high current from MOSFET flows in the same path used by the microcontroller and the transceiver.
As main power there is a bus at 24V converted with a DC/DC switching regulator (estimated efficiency > 70%), an additional power supply is required to power the load (as LED strips). The board will handle 2.5A per channel for a maximum of 30A that cannot be supplied from the bus due to the cable resistance and size. It would be possible to use one locally power supply and adding an external diode, the board could be used to power relays or electrovalves.

The PCB layout revised with the two grounding planes joined in the faston type connector

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Souliss webserver, codename Zozzariello

Zozzariello is an experiment following the mobile web server trend. With it, you can serve dynamic web pages containing souliss nodes and devices.

Its feature list is incomplete, he can barely move its head.

The protocol should be somewhat similar to the old JSON thing, but discussions are going on to find the best and useful way to implement it.

Zozzariello is dirty, nasty but light. Maybe you'll hear of him again and soon.

Thanks to for their straightforward org.apache.http examples

Monday, September 16, 2013

Controlling cheap RC Power Socket

arduino, souliss, rf socket, rf power socket, 433 mhz, 315 mhz, android
Souliss controlling common RF power sockets at 433 MHz

It was just three days ago when Christian makes a knock in the forum, he triggered a set of common RF Power Socket at 433 MHz using RCSwitch and was then working for an integration with Souliss, adding Android control was the goal.

After few steps the sketch was complete and this is the result:

Lets have a look in detail:

Saturday, September 14, 2013

USART Driver for vNet

arduino, souliss, usart, vnet, automation, protocol
vNet Logging between two Arduino connected via USART
People that follows Souliss blog from long time probably know about a working idea that started with Marco Signorini from Ethermania. It came up as an Arduino based RS-485 board (here the prototype) and moved to the design of a power+data bus at 24V, most of it is documented on this topic of the Arduino forum.

There was a lot of work out of the topic, we get a final design but end up that was too similar to commercial project and quite risky, so after some time we moved back to the old idea of RS-485 with the idea to make the board even simpler.

One of the challenging is using an RS-485 connection with Souliss, because that standard came up at time of master/slave communication and electrically an RS-485 driven doesn't allow a peer-to-peer communication, because doesn't allow a listen back for collision detection.
At time of the first Ethernet (10-BASE2), it was basically a modified RS-485 for collision detection with a dedicated transceiver, this is now no longer supported in common transceiver. So, we get inspired by uLAN and we are start to design a collision avoidance driver that will run into vNet, in the top image there is the first run between two boards.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Showcase : Lorenzo's Souliss

souliss, arduino, LED, drinks, android, soulissapp
LEDs and Drinks
When a user post its result using Souliss, in my mind it came up as "Wow, it works!".
Lorenzo has build a light and media automation using an Android tablet that runs Souliss. The tablet is connected via HDMI to an LCD TV screen and use an external HiFi for audio.

As result Lorenzo can control lights and media from its tablet, installed into a wall support, and as interesting feature he can drive the LEDs with the audio played for the film that is wathing on the TV.

Let's have a look to the video and photos on the forum.

Enjoy and share!