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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Souliss Alpha 4.5 now available for download

About a month ago we announced the last alpha release in the branch number 4, with the idea to move forward to 5 including a lot of new features, today there is a new release available for download but still in branch number 4 :)

It was a sleepy month and basically none of the big activities that will move Souliss to the branch number 5 were started, we indeed worked on small new features that was coming from the users in the forum.
The most, is that now most of the typical logics are supported also in Android, now there is full support for the anti-theft system and analog values in floating points. Still some activities are pending for the thermostat logics, but most of the job is done.

One more new entry is the XBoard Relay from DFRobot (Arduino compatible with Ethernet and relays) and while waiting for the hardware supplied by Seeedstudio we are starting with some users to develop the first piece of code to support Grove devices.

There will be more release under this branch number that will slowly move to number 5, at this stage we have a lot of feature that we would like to add and not enough time and resource to release them in short time. All the activities can be grouped in three macro areas: hardware support, configuration & communication and cloud support

There are a lot of transceiver and modules that are in the waiting list, the first to be supported will be relevant to Seeedstudio Grove and later will be available the Nordic nRFL2401+ and the ATmega128RFA1. One idea under evaluation is move to ┬Áracoli (The ┬ÁController Radio Communication Library) as takeover of chibi, to extend the support for more Atmel radios.
One old idea that now is back in our todo is the support for RS-485 with a multi-master driver written for vNet as inspired by uLAN.

The macro number two, has a main goal in the auto-configuration of nodes to pre-load Souliss over nodes that will be configured (from the network point of view) at a later stage. Some work is scheduled also on MaCaco, were a new concept of gateway will free some hundreds of RAM but will force us to deprecate polling protocols (like Modbus).

Last but not least, is the cloud support, that means support a DNS and be able to communicate using ASCII protocols like JSON, HTTP and XML. This is a more uncertain area, while working on the ATmegas there will every time be a shortage of resources, but one feasible idea is to write static data directly to the Ethernet transceiver without waste RAM.
This is pretty easy with the Wiznet W5100, rather is more tricky with the Microchip ENC28J60 but is feasible in both cases.

It will be hard to define when and which of these ideas will be available in next releases, we will update users by the time.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SoulissApp new Sensors and Anti-theft

Silently things are getting done, and SoulissApp continues adding support to more and more framework's native devices in order to build a complete and free home automation system based on Arduino and compatibles.

Added devices include typicals 41 and 42, used for anti-theft system (master and peer devices). Please refer to our wiki to get more information on how to implement it; feel free to make suggestions and contribute to documentation once you get things running, we'd appreciate that. We included notification alarms and watchdog mechanisms to improve your home security.

The second big change is more opaque to the user, but still important. All analog values are now transmitted in half-precision floating point, a standardized format that optimizes the size/precision compromise. The new devices belong to group 5n:

  • Souliss_Logic_T52 - Temperature measure (-20, +50) °C
  • Souliss_Logic_T53 - Humidity measure (0, 100) %
  • Souliss_Logic_T54 - Pressure measure (0, 1500) hPa
  • Souliss_Logic_T55 - Voltage (0, 400) V
  • Souliss_Logic_T56 - Current (0, 25)  A
  • Souliss_Logic_T57 - Power (0, 6500)  W
Native support to DHT sensors will be released with next Souliss version, so that using T52 logic will be even easier to implement. 

Various user-reported issues have been resolved (hopefully). Thanks to our Forum members, full spanish and portoguese translations are available. Be sure to subscribe in order to automatically receive previews on your phone.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A new entry, the XBoard Relay from DFRobot

XBoard Relay from DFRobot supported in Souliss
Starting from next release (Alpha 4.5) the XBoard Relay from DFRobot will be supported in Souliss, with full features. This is a cheap and effective relay board, including an ATmega32U4 (same as Arduino Leonardo) and a Wiznet W5100 as Ethernet transceiver.

The XBoard series include also a XBee socket that turns the board into a Ethernet to wireless bridge, is in our next plans to include also XBee drivers.

There are several boards at DFRobots that are interesting for our project, in the future we will evaluate with them the support for additional hardware solution.

Souliss release Alpha 4.5 will be released soon, or can be obtained as preview on our forum.

Stay tuned!
The Souliss Team.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Open Home Automation on Indiegogo

Our friend Marco from Open Home Automation is starting an interesting campaign on the crow founding platform Indiegogo, looking for founds in order to build a complete automation system upon open source technologies (like Arduino and Android) and solution.

We will help Marco with our solution whenever applicable, if you trust in open source automation have a look to the campaign here.

The Souliss Team.