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Any object that can be attached to an Arduino microcontroller is a potential Things: get interaction in wireless or wired, acts automatically and is even remotely controllable from you smartphone or tablet.

Starts in three steps : get your building blocks, load Souliss and get your Things on the smartphone.

Do it simple!

Do it simple!
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Building Blocks
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Souliss on AVRs

Souliss on AVRs
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Android App
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zigduino and Souliss

Zigduino r2 unboxed
The guys at Logos Electromechanicals have supplied us a couple of Zigduino r2, this an Arduino compatible board based on Atmel ATmega128RFA1 that include an AVR microcontroller with a "large" 16 KBytes (the ATmega328P has only 2 KBytes) and a 2.4 GHz transceiver.

This board is quite similar to the Freakduino, but has radio and microcontroller embedded into a single chip, more the oversized RAM and Flash lets runs a complete mesh. Now the goal is porting the actual support for Chibiduino stack over vNet into this board.

We will start the support of that chip into vNet in next weeks, is not yet planned what we will do with the extra amount of RAM, but probably will go into "heavy" ASCII communication with cloud services.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Souliss Alpha 4.4 is ready!

As we discussed some days ago, we completed the integration of Olimex's board (the Arduino compatible ones) in the framework extending support to the relay MOD-IO board and the LED Strip controller MOD-RGB, the code wasn't released at that date because we were working hard on some news that you can see directly.

The website has a new style and is now designed to give a better understanding of what Souliss does and most important we have a new wiki, contents are now updated and integrated to cover one of the big miss of our previous one. A new Getting Started Guide with more details on the configuration steps and a better coverage of the Examples give now a straight way to runs Souliss quickly.

This release is most probably the last in the 4, next months we will move to Alpha 5 with some disruptive additions: including discovering and auto-configuration functionality and some revision in the event based mechanisms. Those are for us a big step further and will require some time, because now we are still at design stage and we won't take some decision too fast.

In the while, we will spent more times on documentation (the wiki is the first step) and try to spread Souliss over to get more user and audience, on this in next days we will annouce a cooperation that make us proud of.

In the while, get Souliss A4.4 and have fun!

Stay tuned,
The Souliss Team.