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Building Blocks
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Souliss on AVRs
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Android App
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Souliss webserver, codename Zozzariello

Zozzariello is an experiment following the mobile web server trend. With it, you can serve dynamic web pages containing souliss nodes and devices.

Its feature list is incomplete, he can barely move its head.

The protocol should be somewhat similar to the old JSON thing, but discussions are going on to find the best and useful way to implement it.

Zozzariello is dirty, nasty but light. Maybe you'll hear of him again and soon.

Thanks to for their straightforward org.apache.http examples


  1. Join the discussion about all new features that will be experimented in Zozzariello on our mailing list!topic/souliss/7Rkp-iub82A


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