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Do it simple!
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Building Blocks
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Souliss on AVRs
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Android App
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Showcase : Lorenzo's Souliss

souliss, arduino, LED, drinks, android, soulissapp
LEDs and Drinks
When a user post its result using Souliss, in my mind it came up as "Wow, it works!".
Lorenzo has build a light and media automation using an Android tablet that runs Souliss. The tablet is connected via HDMI to an LCD TV screen and use an external HiFi for audio.

As result Lorenzo can control lights and media from its tablet, installed into a wall support, and as interesting feature he can drive the LEDs with the audio played for the film that is wathing on the TV.

Let's have a look to the video and photos on the forum.

Enjoy and share!


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