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Friday, August 23, 2013

SpeakEasy, Souliss join the Arduino style

souliss, arduino, speakeasy, android, home automation

Let give a brief preview of SpeakEasy a new tool that will be soon available in Souliss, the goal is make even easier write the Souliss sketches, as is in the Arduino style to have readable and short code even for complex networks.

Below there is the complete code to load into an Arduino Ethernet (or compatible) to have a full control of an LED via Android application SoulissApp and of course through a standard pushbutton.

This feature is available through C macro, so both the standard and the new SpeakEasy code will work at same time (even mixed). The idea is to complete a set of example via SpeakEasy for the next release and use it for the Seeed Studio Grove integration, in order to make even easier build your home automation over interconnected Arduino (and compatible) nodes.

Stay tuned,

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