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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Arduino RGB LED strip control with Souliss and ShiftPWM

souliss, arduino, home automation, light control, led control
Multiple LED control with shift registers
Cheap and bright LED strips gives a lot of fun and way to experiments new lighting scenarios, we started some months ago including control via Android and adding the music driven effect, releasing an Arduino based networked solution to light multiple LED strips at same time, using shields like the Open Electronics one.

Today Kasper moved our examples one step over, mixing the music driven effect of Souliss and Android with a shift register board to power multiple strips or LEDs, he shared a short video called Arduino RGB LED strip control with Souliss and ShiftPWM on YouTube.

Is awesome see people moving further and improving the Souliss experience.

Join the discussion and light up your home automation.

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