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Do it simple!
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SoulissApp new Sensors and Anti-theft

Silently things are getting done, and SoulissApp continues adding support to more and more framework's native devices in order to build a complete and free home automation system based on Arduino and compatibles.

Added devices include typicals 41 and 42, used for anti-theft system (master and peer devices). Please refer to our wiki to get more information on how to implement it; feel free to make suggestions and contribute to documentation once you get things running, we'd appreciate that. We included notification alarms and watchdog mechanisms to improve your home security.

The second big change is more opaque to the user, but still important. All analog values are now transmitted in half-precision floating point, a standardized format that optimizes the size/precision compromise. The new devices belong to group 5n:

  • Souliss_Logic_T52 - Temperature measure (-20, +50) °C
  • Souliss_Logic_T53 - Humidity measure (0, 100) %
  • Souliss_Logic_T54 - Pressure measure (0, 1500) hPa
  • Souliss_Logic_T55 - Voltage (0, 400) V
  • Souliss_Logic_T56 - Current (0, 25)  A
  • Souliss_Logic_T57 - Power (0, 6500)  W
Native support to DHT sensors will be released with next Souliss version, so that using T52 logic will be even easier to implement. 

Various user-reported issues have been resolved (hopefully). Thanks to our Forum members, full spanish and portoguese translations are available. Be sure to subscribe in order to automatically receive previews on your phone.

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