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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Souliss and Seeedstudio Grove

Seedstudio support Souliss for Grove modules
Grove is a modular platform, it takes building blocks approach to electronics, using a base shield and a set of modules that just need to be plugged in, use mostly Arduino compatible solution and basically with Grove modules there is no care about cabling and signal conditioning.

Just today Seeedstudio informed us that they are willing to support Souliss project, that will drive in a set of pre-defined examples and drivers to use Grove module directly with Souliss, that will add interconnectivity without additional code.

The Grove support in Souliss will include also drivers for XBee Series 1, 2.4 GHz Radio.

More details will be provided once received the hardware.

Stay tuned!
The Souliss Team.


  1. I'm really really interested in that... where can I found some information? Thanks

  2. Hi Adrian, basically most of the Grove devices are yet supported also if not officially listed, join the discussion on the forum and we will help you for the configuration using the hardware available with you.