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Friday, January 4, 2013

KMTronic DINo Back in Stock

Data flow diagram for example ssDINo_ex01_Lights
The KMTronic DINo is probably the unique single board that include opto-insulated inputs, relay and an Ethernet communication interface. From it first release we get the KMTronic support for including this board into the Souliss framework.

Now the board is back in stock from KMTronic online shop, that makes Souliss ready to install if the feature of this board fit the installation requirements.

In Souliss Alpha 4 there are three examples for this board: the first one (picture in the top) has one board controlling four lights via Android or Modbus.

Data flow diagram for example ssDINo_ex02_RemoteMyGarage
The example number two allow the management of a garage door via Android, including the garage light.

Data flow for example ssDINo_ex03_Followme
The last example shows the peer-to-peer functionality,  making a synchronization path between two boards. Once a command from a wall push-button is given, the same command is replicated on the twin node, rather command from Android interface aren't synchronized.

As all the Souliss codes, these can be personalized and number of node can growth to tens.



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