Get in touch with your Things

Any object that can be attached to an Arduino microcontroller is a potential Things: get interaction in wireless or wired, acts automatically and is even remotely controllable from you smartphone or tablet.

Starts in three steps : get your building blocks, load Souliss and get your Things on the smartphone.

Do it simple!

Do it simple!
A network of Things in minutes for your Android and Arduino

Building Blocks

Building Blocks
Easily compose hardware

Souliss on AVRs

Souliss on AVRs
Load Souliss on your Things

Android App

Android App
Get your Things on your Smartphone

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Souliss App 0.9.7 - with widgets we win

Souliss widgets are available with latest app version. You can choose the device to send the command to and operate your home directly from your Android homescreen.

To operate correctly the app needs to be installed on phone's memory, otherwise the widget won't be listed. The feature is still in development, so please report any stacktrace you'll be willing to.

A life checker mechanism has been implemented to revive Souliss background service in case it's enabled and dies. Better connection checking allows the app to operate across network connectivity changes.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Souliss little demo

To show Souliss framework in action we made two previews; excuse us for poor english and phone video quality

The demo node has 5 typicals to control two lights and an air conditioner. Temperature and humidity sensor are also present to automate air conditioner operations. The client supports automated, timed and positional (geocoded) programs.

A second video shows IR lights controller:

in this case the node is implemented using a chibiduino wireless board and the IR circuit module found on previous post.

Monday, October 8, 2012

IR Module hardware

To make a talking example of how much cheap Souliss can be, let's have a look at IR module hardware. The module is inspired by Sparkfun's Max Power IR kit:

Fritzing scheme
A common prototype board can be used to fit components in a square inch of space; components are all common and widely available; they cost about 4$ per module. Here's the list:

  • Super-bright 5mm IR LED (940nm, 100 mA continuous, 1000 mA pulse)
  • 1 NPN 3904 transistor
  • 2 56 ohm resistances
  • 1 220 ohm resistance
  • 1 status LED
  • Arduino board running Souliss.

Arduino board is being powered at 7,5DC. Two LEDs are used to improve IR coverage (only 20 degree LED's beam width) and work well up to 5 meters in line of sight. The module can be used with any Souliss IR typical to control remote appliances, such Air Conditioners and RGB spotlights.