Get in touch with your Things

Any object that can be attached to an Arduino microcontroller is a potential Things: get interaction in wireless or wired, acts automatically and is even remotely controllable from you smartphone or tablet.

Starts in three steps : get your building blocks, load Souliss and get your Things on the smartphone.

Do it simple!

Do it simple!
A network of Things in minutes for your Android and Arduino

Building Blocks

Building Blocks
Easily compose hardware

Souliss on AVRs

Souliss on AVRs
Load Souliss on your Things

Android App

Android App
Get your Things on your Smartphone

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Souliss Client Development going on

Souliss client is currently at version 0.7.9 This version isn't public yet, because thorough testing is still needed, but I can anticipate some of the main new features:

SoulissClent screenshot
Souliss Client main screen
  • More stable status updates
  • New supported typicals (gates and motorized appliances) 
  • Hour, month and history Graphs (currently humidity and temperature) 
  • Sensor typicals logging 
  • New app light theme 
  • Geocoding of user's position
The app fully supports Android 4 ICS, all of the network calls have been moved to separate threads; the app should be responsive with both wireless or 3G connectivity.

There is still much work to do, the client has to be aligned with Souliss new features and hardware, so stay tuned for updates!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Planning new hardware

Provide hardware solution for home automation is one of the main goals of Souliss project, and after the first releases of the Souliss framework we are getting the interest of some hardware developers to include their hardware in Souliss.

The first one (that is still in progress) is the DINo by KMTronic, to support this board we are working on the ENC28J60 including the uIP stack in vNet, this will integrate ENC28J60 based boards (like DINo) in Souliss vNet networks.

A new board is adding in the Souliss world, it will be designed and produced by Marco Signorini from Ethermania and there is a open discussion where we contribute in the design. The board from Marco is RS-485 and is designed with the goal of a small footprint in the mind.
The design is ongoing and the discussion is focused on using power supply (moving from 5V to 12/24V) and overall efficiency of the board.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Freedomotic based User Interface

More is better, that also for user interfaces. Is still a work in progress, but the first result are coming, and in few time it will be possible control a Souliss home using Freedomotic. Freedomotic is it self more than an user interface, usign dedicated plugins it can interact with multiple home automation networks and manage scenarios, is written in JAVA and runs over Windows, Linux, MAC and Solaris.

On the Souliss side, Freedomotic will have the same functionalities of the Souliss Android Application, and due to Souliss desing, a concurrency of more user interfaces is applicable. That means control your home from your mobile, your PC and with old-fashion wall pushbuttons.

The plugin release will require some time, also because Souliss is further changing in these days. In the while, you can start to play with Freedomotic it self.