Get in touch with your Things

Any object that can be attached to an Arduino microcontroller is a potential Things: get interaction in wireless or wired, acts automatically and is even remotely controllable from you smartphone or tablet.

Starts in three steps : get your building blocks, load Souliss and get your Things on the smartphone.

Do it simple!

Do it simple!
A network of Things in minutes for your Android and Arduino

Building Blocks

Building Blocks
Easily compose hardware

Souliss on AVRs

Souliss on AVRs
Load Souliss on your Things

Android App

Android App
Get your Things on your Smartphone

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vote for Souliss!

Our home automation project is still under developlment, but functional enought to be installed and tested. So we decided to partecipate to open source eletronic contest. Vote for us using the social buttons! The full article is here (italian)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Souliss Framework Release Alpha 2.3

A new release for the Souliss framework (Arduino AVR code) is relased as A2.3, this new release contains only an updated JSON server that support the new Android application available for download.

You can run Souliss on Arduino based boards with Wiznet W5100 (like Arduino Ethernet or Arduino Ethernet Shield) and Atmel AT86RF230 (like Freakduino Chibi) compiling the code using Arduino IDE 0022. Many Souliss' examples yet support the Android interaction.

Use the download section to get the code from the SourceForge repository.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Souliss Android Client

To demonstrate Souliss flexibility to many client interfaces we developed an Android Client. It's compatible with all Android versions > 2.1, it should be easily installed on your phone.
Download Souliss Client

The available features are:
  • Tools mode, a "low level" activity to test Souliss' connectivity: use it to send raw commands and retrieve status;
  • Manual mode, to interact with available controlled appliance on Souliss network nodes;
  •  Programs, to schedule commands to be executed: 1) timed programs, to be executed (and repeated) at certain times; 2) positional programs, to be executed when you go out/come back home; 3) triggers, to be executed when specified sensors reach predetermined values; 
It is possible to rename nodes and choose icons, too. The configuration will be saved on a DB that can be managed from preference screen.

Once installed, you only need to fill in Souliss JSON node and you can start using it. Here is a sample video of development version, you can see configuration is straightforward:


The client automatically recognizes controlled appliance and saves them to the DB. A background service is responsible of keeping them updated at configurable intervals. Souliss client for android is fully compatible with Android's latest version, Ice Cream Sandwich

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Getting KMTronic DINo

Since the beginning of the project, we intended to develop an electronic board dedicated to the project, a simple to use and cheap board used within the Souliss framework let easy make automation in the home. The prototyping boards supported are nice and work well, but require additional hardware for interaction with the electric appliances in the home.

So we started supporting ready to use I/O boards, where no additional hardware is required, that will make easy and automated installation. Today I've received two DINo boards from KMTronic that is supporting Souliss with its hardware.

The DINo has four insulated inputs with 5-24V range and same number of relays output, rated at 10A/220 V,  the uC is an SMD ATmega328P with the Arduino bootloader and the Microchip EN28J60 as Ethernet controller.

Souliss was supporting only the Wiznet W5100 as Ethernet controller, so now is starting the development of the new drivers for vNet (one of Souliss framework layer). Both W5100 and ENC28J60 will be supported and integrated in the framework.

Hope it will work,


First day, first post. Welcome on the Souliss website, this will contain all the updates and information.

Stay tuned,