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Friday, December 12, 2014

openHAB Binding for Souliss

Souliss data in openHAB
Antonino and Fulvio has released for beta testing a native binding for openHAB that let use all functionality of Souliss.
Starting from the SoulissApp code written by Alessandro, Antonino has build a binding that connects directly to the Gateway using MaCaco/vNet event-based communication.

Using this binding there is no longer need of an HTTP/XML interface on the Souliss Gateway, that means no additional resources (mainly RAM) are required.

Of course you can use SoulissApp and openHAB at same time, handling as default five connection (the value can be increased).

Using openHAB gives the freedom to build automation mixing Souliss with commercial products and offers a rule engine. In the screenshot of this post, the average temperature is used to control the heating system.

Actually this binding is not available in the list of openHAB official ones, because it still need some work in terms of coding, but soon will be released.

In the while, if you want to have a try, join the mailing list topic and get the binaries in beta.

Heating control in openHAB using Souliss nodes

Stay tuned,
The Souliss Team.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Controllino, Arduino PLC got founded! Souliss will support it!

Controllino MAXI, Arduino based PLC
After several attempts an Arduino based PLC has now be founded on a Kickstarter campaign, Controllino is based on standard AVRs used in several Arduino boards adding electronics for I/O like relay and dry contacts inputs, electrostatic discharge protection and CE/UL certifications.

It basically turn a standard Arduino into a small PLC for hobbyist, giving a good solution for general automation and smart homes. Controllino isn't cheap and there are several small PLCs can be found in same price range, but Controllino has a plus of Arduino software compatibility that turn this into an interesting piece of hardware.

Fulvio is one of the backer of Controllino and once he will get its MAXI, the support of Controllino in Souliss will start. It should be quite easy, because Controllino MAXI offers compatibility with the Arduino Ethernet libraries.

Actually we expect to have full support of Souliss, including Modbus, SoulissApp for Android and openHAB integration (that soon will be available through a native binding in openHAB).

Stay tuned!
The Souliss Team.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

IoTuino crowfunding has started

Authometio multicolor LED bulb
Our friend at Authometion has started the crowfunding campaign for their IoTuino board and the LYT mutlicolor LED bulb on Indiegogo.

Pietro and Vincenzo ship me a first prototype during the summer and we actually provide a preliminary support for IoTuino with the actual Chiattillo commit of Souliss Alpha 6.1.1, so if you are willing to add wireless controlled bulbs at your home and want to integrate them with Souliss, LYT and IoTuino could be an option.

Use the comments or this topic on the mailing list to discuss about actual support and performances while running Souliss over IoTuino.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Souliss at Maker Faire Rome with Titino

Titino and Souliss at Maker Faire Rome
A month ago Michele has started a discussion on the mailing list to get Souliss running on their Titino demo system, thanks to Fulvio and Juan after some tries Michele got a fully working automation demo over nine nodes connected via RS485.

Titino is an RS485 transceiver that allow remote programming of Arduino nodes and using Souliss build an automation network over that bus.

Here some pictures from the faire, 
Titino demo system
Titino booth
Thanks Michele!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

A new entry, Moteino boards are now supported in Souliss

Moteino Mega, Moteino USB and Moteino with RFM69HW 868-915 MHz radio

Nowadays there are several Arduino based boards in the market, but still isn't easy find a small device that embed together a microcontroller and a communication interface into a single PCB, that's way I often spend some time over the Internet looking for boards that may be useful for Souliss' users.
This time I've been through LowPowerLab and their Moteino boards, that has been offered as a set of three boards to integrate them in Souliss. In the picture, from top to bottom there is a Moteino Mega, a Moteino USB and a Moteino all are equipped with an HopeRF RFM69HW radio at 868 MHz. An additional SPI flash memory can be added while purchasing the modules.

The best is that we got the boards few days ago and Kim is was yet able to get them working properly using a Microchip ENC28J60 to bridge the Moteino Mega to SoulissApp, having full control of the other Moteino over the air from its Android smartphone. Next step is try the range extender examples and the use of Wiznet W5100 and similar on the Mega.

Starting from release Alpha 6.1.1 Moteino boards will be publicly supported, the release date will be likely at end of November. You can even have a try right now getting the pre-release code from git into the chiattillo branch.

Enjoy Moteino!